Website Hosting

Your WordPress website needs a safe home and we know just the place.

Like anything else, WordPress comes with its own unique needs and requirements in order to perform at full capacity with minimal problems. You need high-performance servers built from the ground up to handle everything WordPress has to offer and then some. The difference is practically mind-blowing.

1. A guarantee your website will not get hacked

Many websites are hacked as a direct result of poor web hosting security. You’ll be happy to know that doesn’t happen on our watch. If you host your website with us, we guarantee you will not get hacked. If you did, we’d fix it for FREE.

2. Daily backup with 1-click restore

Your website will be backed up every night and every backup is available for 30 days. Either let us know when you need to restore a backup, or simply login and select the day you want. It’s that easy.

3. Free SSL Certificate (https)

We want your website to be secure and because having an SSL certificate is now a ranking factor in Google, this just makes sense. We’ll also set it up for you so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

4. Every website on its own VPS

If you’re not familiar with virtual private servers (VPS), just think dedicated resources and significantly better performance over traditional, shared hosting plans.

5. Fast, friendly and personal support

Unless you are adding or removing a website, you probably won’t need support. But just in case you do, there’s nothing to fret about. Just let us know what’s wrong and we’ll fix it for you right away. It’s that simple.

May 5, 2019