Time For Your Customers to Find Your Business

Gain More Customers By Ranking Above Your Competitors in Internet Search Results.

Increase Your Online Visibility

When someone needs to find something, they search the Internet for it. Studies indicate most people only choose businesses located on the first page of search results. Of course we don’t really need a study to tell us that. The faster someone can find what they are looking for the better. As your SEO company, we will ensure your business appears whenever anyone is searching for what your business provides.

Build Brand Trust and Authority

Search engine optimization drives more traffic than most business owners realize. Optimizing your website for search engines will not only enable potential customers to easily find your business, they will also begin to trust your company more. The more times people see your business online, the more credible and trustworthy it appears.

Laser Target Your Perfect Audience

When someone searches for a product or service online, they use a specific set of keyword terms they associate with what they are looking for. One of our initial steps is identifying the keywords people use most to search for what your business offers. Not only will we make your business visible online, we'll make sure your business is visible to people who actually want to find your business.

Establish a Long-Term Traffic Solution

Unlike magazine ads, classifieds, and other old school marketing methods, when implemented correctly, SEO provides lasting Internet traffic. Once an adequate online backlink profile has been created for your business, it is simply a matter of managing, monitoring, and maintaining.

What Is SEO Anyway?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a Digital Marketing Strategy That Will Increase Your Online Visibility

Let’s say you own a lawn care company, and you need more customers… When a potential customer searches the Internet for “landscaping,” “yard care,” or “lawn maintenance,” your business website needs to be optimized for those specific keywords in order to appear on the first page of said person’s search results.

Since almost 75% of Internet users prefer Google, it is the reigning champion of search engines. Hence the infamous phrase, “I’m going to Google that” rather than “I’m going to Yahoo or Bing that.” (This is the reason SEO specialists are primarily concerned with capturing the attention of Google.)

For an SEO company to be effective, a shotgun approach covering a wide range of interrelated components is often best. Here are some of the things SEO agencies in Jacksonville will incorporate into an Internet marketing plan.

1. National SEO

National SEO focuses on broad match keywords and terms to attract website visitors on a “national” level.

For example, If you own an online store, but your products do not display within the first page of Google search results, your store does not exist to the vast majority of people.

Less than ten percent of people searching the Internet will look past the first page of search results.

A successful national SEO strategy can save your business from obscurity, enabling you to target and attract your ideal audience on a coast-to-coast scale, and ultimately achieve your revenue goals.

2. Local SEO

A local SEO strategy is crucial for businesses operating from a physical location. If someone is looking for a particular type of business, local SEO will influence their search results.

If you do not already have a local SEO plan of action in place, you are missing out on a huge advertising opportunity.

It is estimated that nearly half of all mobile searches involve local intent, meaning people on the go frequently search using phrases like “near me,” “in my area,” “in Jacksonville,” or “around Jacksonville FL.”

3. Backlinks

Backlinks are simply links on other websites pointing back to your website. They are an important part of search engine optimization, akin to “word of mouth” advertising.

If a visitor to your website arrives there through the direction of another website, Google and other search engines take that recommendation into consideration.

The more legitimate backlinks directing people to your website, the more worthwhile your website seems.

As Moz.com puts it, backlinks are especially valuable for SEO because they represent a ‘vote of confidence’ from one site for another.

In essence, backlinks to your website are a signal to search engines that others vouch for your content.”

4. On-page SEO

To quote Moz again, “On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing individual web pages in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines.”

Anything that is done on-site to boost traffic to your website falls under the category of on-page SEO. This could be general content, keywords, HTML source codes, or video.

Think of it as internal advertising versus external advertising. A coupon mailer or billboard ad may have lured you into a store (external), but the clearance and sale signs throughout a store (internal) are what entice you to linger longer and make purchases.

On Page SEO Analysis

On-page SEO also greatly effects how well your website ranks in search engines. For example, if you own a funeral home in Jacksonville, Florida, you will want to add terms like “Jacksonville funeral home,” and “funeral services in Jacksonville” to your website.

That way when a potential customer uses those words to search the Internet for a funeral home, search engines will view your website as a relevant source of information for that person.

The more optimized your website is for important terms, the better your chances are for ranking on the first page of Internet search results for those terms.

5. Business Citations

Any online listing that contains your business’s name, address, and phone number (NAP) is considered a citation. These are especially helpful because, “Like links to your website, Google uses them when evaluating the online authority of your business,” says SEOmark.

The more business directories containing your NAP, the more traffic can be directed to your website. Most online marketing agencies use business citations as another way to get your name out there and attract more customers.

It is extremely important that every online business citation your business has, contains the exact same information as your website and Google My Business page has.

For instance, if your website lists your business address as “Blanding Boulevard” and one of your citations lists “Blanding Blvd,” search engines may identify this as an inconsistency and lower the value of the citation. Accuracy is vital.

Yelp Online Business Directory Citation

If you do have business citations containing errors, you should consider getting these corrected as soon as possible. For one, errors can make it difficult for potential customers to reach you and two, inconsistencies will effect the quality of your SEO.

6. Press Releases

Press releases are a powerful and affordable way to get your business some medial spotlight, as well as, gain valuable backlinks and business citations. Keep in mind, every press release includes your business name, phone number, and physical address.

When written and submitted correctly, a well optimized press release can be picked up by over 300 online media websites (including Google News) and can add tremendous value to your monthly inbound marketing strategy.

Where some businesses go wrong, is they order one or two and call it quits. However, submitting a press release every month, for at least 3 to 6 months a year, provides a constant replacement for links that expire.

Unfortunately, not all media sites keep every press release ever submitted. It is therefor important, to keep creating new ones to stay on top.

7. Page Loading Speed

When people visiting your website have to wait more than 3 seconds for it to load, statistics show over 50% percent of them will just move on to a faster, more updated website.

In today’s digital age, everyone wants instant results. If your website has a high “bounce rate” – meaning visitors come then quickly leave – this can negatively impact your search engine rankings.

Website Page Loading Speed

Ideally, all the pages on your site should load in under 3 seconds. Having your website “performance optimized” not only helps to attract and keep customers, but also improves your standing with Google’s algorithm.

Your website page loading speed is a key way to obtain and maintain those coveted first page search rankings.

8. SSL Certificates

A Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate, as its name suggests, adds a secure layer of protection to a website.

It is a necessity for keeping a site safe from hackers, avoiding a security breach, and protecting your clients sensitive personal information.

And, as you may have already guessed, whether a website is protected by an SSL certificate is yet another factor search engines take into consideration when determining your website’s position in search rankings.

9. Social Signals

As Bigcommerce puts it, “Social signals refer to a webpage’s collective shares, likes and overall social media visibility as perceived by search engines.”

Anytime something pertaining to your website appears on a social media platform, search engines such as Google and Bing see it as another form of citation.

Social Media Signals

Social SEO is considered an “organic” or natural way to boost traffic to your website and improve search engine rankings.

Again, Google is looking for evidence that “the people have spoken,” and this free advertising carries a lot more weight than paid advertising.

10. Technical SEO

Neil Patel says technical SEO simply “refers to any SEO work done aside from the content.” You may have heard the phrase “content is king,” but a king needs a court of advisers to function well in his capacity as ruler.

Similarly, technical SEO advises how content should be configured to best be noticed by search engine crawlers.

Technical search engine optimization covers anything from internal links to structured data markup, plus a myriad of things in between that make your website more optimized and user-friendly.

Without this element of SEO services, your website might not have the extra boost it needs to power past your competitors.

11. Content Optimization

Good SEO content is more than just a few filler blog posts with random keywords occasionally thrown in.

The advanced Google algorithm has now been “trained” to find and reward content based on its quality.

Creating content that is high quality while simultaneously configuring it to be optimized for search engines is no easy task.

Many people make the mistake of compiling mediocre content, then, as an afterthought, engaging in practices such as “keyword stuffing” that actually harm SEO efforts.

12. Anchor Text

Wordstream simply defines anchor text as “the clickable text in a hyperlink.” The text often displays blue (though it can be any color) and when clicked on, directs to another page or site.

Anchor text is closely related to keywords, and the two work in tandem to help search engines determine a page’s content.

However, this is another aspect of search engine optimization that can easily be overdone, which will eventually trigger search engine’s spam filters and direct traffic away from your site.

Some “black hat” SEO specialists recommend tactics such as keyword stuffing and heavy anchor text manipulation to temporarily boost website traffic, but the short-term benefit from such practices does not outweigh the long-term harm.

13. User Experience (UE)

User experience is essentially – making your website interesting as opposed to boring.

Is your content engaging enough that visitors to your website stay for more than a few seconds?

Time on site is yet another ranking factor with Google. Ideally, you want people to not just visit your website, but interact with it and click through the various pages.

This can be accomplished through having video clips, image-rich posts, an appealing overall look, a layout that is easy to navigate, and useful content.

Having something to offer consumers might get you a follow-through in the form of a purchase, ad click, subscription to your email list, client referral, completed contact form, or whatever it is you’re hoping to accomplish through your site.

In Summary…

Remember, having an Internet presence is vital to the success of any business in today’s digital landscape, regardless of whether your business has a physical location or is exclusively online.

While this is by no means and exhaustive list, incorporating these 13 search engine optimization elements into your online marketing plan will help you stand out from your competition and achieve your revenue goals.