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In it’s simplest form, SEO tells search engines like Google, your website is highly relevant to the keywords you want to rank for; in return, search engines reward you with a “first page” placement. For instance, the term people use the most to search for SEO services in Jacksonville, FL is “Jacksonville SEO.” That’s the exact phrase many people type in their search bar. Therefore, a Jacksonville SEO company will want to implement SEO so they can appear on the first page for that specific term.

However, depending on the competition, ranking for specific keyword terms is no small feat. It can take a lot of work, as well as be both challenging and time consuming. That’s where we come in. We know SEO! Our clients achieve the best of success.

Your position in search results matters

Over 90% of all people search the Internet to find products and local services. The challenge Jacksonville businesses face is that 80% of those searches never extend beyond the first page of search results.  Most people never click past page one.

In other words, if your website doesn’t appear on page one when people search for what your business offers… to most people it doesn’t even exist. Implementing a smart, Jacksonville SEO strategy will make your company visible to the majority of your potential customers. In turn, you will get more website visitors and generate more sales.

Howetek Creative can help you with that. Our team of highly experienced, online marketing experts have streamlined the process of making local businesses more visible online. In fact, we guarantee you will see a substantial increase in rankings within the first 60 days.

Three key elements

  • Keyword research: This is where we identify what words and terms people use to search the Internet for a Jacksonville business like yours. This is one of the most important and effective steps in the process. SEO is pointless if you are not targeting the “right” keywords.
  • On-page SEO: Also referred to as onsite optimization and website optimization, on-page includes everything we do to a web page that helps it rank high in search results, such as: increasing page loading speed, ensuring you have a sitemap built specifically for search engines, constructing a proper robots.txt file, adding appropriate keywords in the appropriate places, and implementing an easy to understand content structure. Of course we’re just scratching the surface here, but these are all great examples.
  • Backlinks: These are links on other websites pointed at the web pages you want to rank. There are many places we acquire backlinks from, included are: business directories, press releases, professional blogs and social media. However, it must be noted that when it comes to backlinks, quality matters far more than quantity. In fact, low-quality backlinks can and generally will hurt your rankings in the long run. We build quality backlinks that get results and last.

Your local Jacksonville SEO company

A local search engine optimization strategy is crucial for Jacksonville, Florida businesses operating from a physical location. If someone is looking for a particular type of business, local SEO Jacksonville will effectively influence their search results. If you don’t already have a local search strategy in place, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities. Howetek Creative has a proven track record for ranking Jacksonville business websites on the first page of search results for their most profitable keywords.

Free Jacksonville website assessment

We would love to provide you with a free website assessment for your business. If you work with us, not only will we make your business more visible online, we’ll make sure it’s visible to people in Jacksonville, FL who actually want to find it. 

Florida SEO core benefits

  • Increase online visibility: When someone needs to find something in Jacksonville, they search the Internet for it. Most people only choose business websites located on the first page of search results. Of course we don’t really need a study to tell us that. The faster someone can find what they are looking for, the better. As your new digital marketing agency and Jacksonville SEO company, we will ensure your business site appears whenever anyone is searching for what your business provides. That includes mobile based campaigns.
  • Build brand trust and authority: Search engine optimization strategies drive more traffic than most people realize. Optimizing your Jacksonville website design content for Google and Bing will not only enable potential customers to easily find your business, they will also begin to trust your company more. The more times people see your Florida business online, the more credible and trustworthy it appears.
  • Laser-target the perfect audience: When someone searches for a product or service online, they use a specific set of keyword terms they associate with what they are looking for. One of our initial steps is identifying the keywords people use most to search for what your business offers. Not only will we make your business more visible online, we’ll make sure it’s visible to people in Jacksonville, FL who actually want to find it. You will experience conversion you didn’t think possible.
  • Establish a long-term traffic solution: Unlike magazine ads, classifieds, and other old school marketing methods, when implemented correctly, SEO Jacksonville provides lasting Internet traffic. Once we have completed building a powerful network of online links for your business, it is simply a matter of managing, monitoring, and maintaining.

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