1. We Guarantee Results

Because our strategies and techniques are actually based on data, we are able to guarantee predictable results for every client we work with. We never take on a business we are not sure we can help.

2. We Are Transparent

You will always know what we are doing, why we are doing it, and what the outcome will be. It’s your business and you deserve to know exactly how we are marketing it. Want reports? Want to schedule a quick call? You’ve got it!

3. We Are Results-Driven

There are two types of marketing, activity-based and results-based. Activity based involves merely performing an action. Activity-based marketing companies get paid for simply going through the motions, regardless of results. Howetek Creative however, is a results-based / results-driven marketing company. Our sole existence is to provide profitable results. If you are not seeing results, you are not partnered with the right marketing company. We guarantee substantial results and ROI!

4. We Are Data-Driven

It’s hard to believe how many marketing agencies still play guessing games with their strategies. The data is there. The data doesn’t lie. The data works. Why in the world would you rely on anything else?

5. We Design to Convert

Every website we design is built from the ground up to reach and attract your target audience. This is one of the many perks of working with a marketing agency as opposed to an independent web designer.

6. We Love What We Do

Never disregard the power of love and passion. Using our skills to help businesses grow is one the most fulfilling and rewarding things we do. You always know someone is working on your campaign with a big smile and the drive to get it done the right way.

“Gerry is great! Listens to our wishes and works hard to create what we envision. Would recommend him to everyone.” - Roger Delaney

Roger Delaney